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From the Romans to DNA: a two hour walking tour of historic Cambridge

This is our most popular tour. Two hours is enough time to see a lot of the main sights and to go inside one of the famous colleges, such as King’s, Queens’,               St. John’s or Pembroke. Other places of interest along the way include the world famous Old Cavendish Laboratory, St Bene’t’s 11th century church, the historic Eagle Pub, the Senate House and Great St Mary’s Church. We will also see other colleges from the outside, such as Pembroke, Corpus Christi and St. Catharine’s.

Cost of the two hour tour:  £110 per group* (maximum group size 20).

Royal Cambridge: King’s and Queens’

King’s College Chapel is arguably the most famous building in Cambridge and is renowned world-wide for its beauty and its choir. It was founded by King Henry VI in 1441 and took one hundred years to build. Five Kings came and went during its completion. Henry’s young queen, Margaret of Anjou, founded her own college in 1448, now known as Queens‘. Many of our visitors like to visit both colleges in the same tour. To do both colleges justice, this takes a little longer, around two and a half hours. The cost of this extended tour is £125, plus the admission charges levied by both colleges. Send us an email and we will tell you more about it.

Cost of the 2.5 hour tour: £125 per group*. (maximum group size 20)

*Not including college entry charges. King’s charge £9 per adult and £6 for teenagers. Queens’ charge £3.50 per person. College entry fees can be paid by cash or card on the day.


Cambridge Places and People: a one and a half hour walking tour

For those a little pressed for time, this will still include a visit to one college and several main sights such as the Eagle pub, the Old Cavendish Laboratory, St Bene’t’s church, the Senate House and Great St Mary’s Church.

Cost: £95 per group* (maximum group size 20).

*College entry fees not included.

One Hour Taster Tour

No time to go inside one of the colleges, but we will see several from the outside and include important sights such as the Old Cavendish, the Eagle Pub and St Bene’t’s church.

Cost: £85 per group* (maximum group size 20).

*College entry fees not included.

Ghost tour

In a city packed with mediaeval buildings it is no surprise that ghost stories abound. This ever-popular tour will tell you about the spookier side of Cambridge.

Cost: £85 per group (maximum group size 20).

Fitzwilliam Museum Tour

The Fitzwilliam Museum is widely acknowledged to be one of the best regional museums in the UK, perhaps in Europe.  It is one of eight museums run by the University of Cambridge. Entry is free. The Fitzwilliam’s  vast collections include paintings by famous artists from Titian to the Impressionists, artifacts from ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, sculptures, ceramics, illuminated manuscripts, rare coins, miniatures and furniture. Few museums in the world contain on a single site exhibits of such variety and depth.

But the size of the Fitzwilliam and the huge range of exhibits on offer can be daunting. Our introductory  tour will take you to some key exhibits and to some easily-overlooked hidden gems, plus a few personal favourites. The tour takes about 1.5 hours.



Cost: £95 per group (maximum group size 10).