The “We’re Good to Go” badge is the official UK mark to signal that a tourism business is complying with Government Covid-19 guidelines.

The British Government has made it law that the maximum group size for public gathering is six people. This means that the maximum number of clients we can accept on a tour is five.

All of our guides have been vaccinated against Covid-19. The guide will at all times keep to the social distancing requirements and we ask our clients to do the same. The guide will not wear a face mask as it is difficult to communicate effectively while wearing one. If you would like to wear a face mask during the tour please feel free to do so.

Most of the famous colleges remain closed to visitors so for the moment we cannot include visits to their grounds in our tours. But we can of course see the wonderful old buildings from the outside.

We ask you not to book if you or any of your party have any cold or flu symptoms, or any of the other symptoms associated with Covid-19, such as a cough, high temperature, loss of sense of smell/taste. If you have paid in advance for your tour and then develop symptoms we will give you a full refund on cancellation.

If you have any queries related to Covid 19 and our tours please email us at

Cambridge Tour Guides


Cambridge is renowned for the beauty and variety of its architecture. It's oldest building, St.Bene't's church, dates back to the 11th century.   The city owes its fame to the University which takes its name, and to its 110 Nobel Prize winners. To wander the streets of Cambridge is a very visual experience. And yet there is so much more to tell. More than can be gleaned by just admiring the buildings.  Our tours will make Cambridge come alive for you. You will hear about the many famous people who have lived and worked in Cambridge, such as Isaac Newton who spent his entire academic life in Trinity College. Our tours are packed with the stories behind the buildings, with anecdotes, tales and the occasional ghost.

You will find a full list of our tours on the next page under  “Our Tours”.


The tourist office in Cambridge was sadly a casualty of Covid. There is no longer a central point where visitors can go for information. We can't pretend to offer the full range of advice that the tourist office provided. But we are happy to provide advice and tips on  how you might plan your time in Cambridge e.g. punting, restaurants, pubs and things to do. We don’t  charge for this or receive any commission from suppliers. Just drop an email to


The grounds of the famous Cambridge colleges remain closed to visitors, due to the Covid pandemic. We hope that this will change as things slowly get back to normal. But for the time being we cannot include visits to college grounds within our tours. But the good news is that our tours will now show you virtually every famous sight within the historic heart of Cambridge.


TOP TIP: the hugely popular Cambridge Shakespeare Festival returns this summer. See our Local Info page for full details or click on the link. Make a full day of your visit to Cambridge. Enjoy a walking tour with us in the morning, then have lunch at the Eagle Pub (enjoying the 10% discount given to our clients). After lunch enjoy a punt tour with Let's Go Punting.

You can then potter around or rest up until the Shakespeare performance starts at 7.30pm. Not a bad day!

Enjoy Cambridge!


Historic Cambridge Tour

During this shared public tour you will see all the key sights in the historic heart of Cambridge.  You will  hear about the many famous, and infamous, people that have lived and studied here. The tour includes the more well-known medieval colleges such as Trinity, St. John’s, Gonville and Caius, King’s and Corpus Christi. You will also see St Bene't's 11th century church, the 12th century Round Church, the Senate House, Old Schools, Great St Mary's, the historic Eagle Pub and, of course, the old Cavendish Laboratory where 29 Nobel prizes were earned.

The tour starts at 2:30pm every day. Tickets are available online and from The Cambridge Gift Shop, Rose Crescent, CB2 3LL.

From the Romans to DNA Tour

A private two hour tour for you and your group only. You will see and learn about famous colleges such as Trinity, St. John’s, King’s, Gonville & Caius, and Corpus Christi. The tour also includes St.Bene't's 11th century church, the historic Eagle Pub,  as well as the world-famous Old Cavendish Laboratory where 29 Nobel Prize winners made an extraordinary contribution to the sciences. Along the way you will also see the 12th century Round Church, the Senate  House, Old Schools and Great St.Mary's Church.

Cambridge Places & People Tour

A ninety-minute private tour that includes several colleges, such as King’s, Trinity, St. John’s.  We will also visit famous sights such as the Old Cavendish Laboratory, the Eagle Pub and St Benet’s' 11th century church.

The Cambridge Ghost tour

In a city packed with buildings dating back to the 11th century, it is little wonder that ghost stories abound. Our tour will show you the places where unexplained and unusual occurrences are known to have happened, and still happen. This ever-popular tour will tell you about the spookier side of Cambridge.

The Fitzwilliam Museum Tour (Currently Unavailable)

Cambridge University's Fitzwilliam Museum is widely acknowledged as being one of the best regional museums in the UK, perhaps in Europe.  Very few museums boast such a variety and depth of exhibits on one single site.

The Fitzwilliam is once again open to the public from Tuesday to Saturday at 10:00-17:00 and on Sundays and Bank Holidays from 12:00-17:00.

Our introductory 1.5 hour tour will take you to some key exhibits and to some easily-overlooked hidden gems, plus a few of the guide’s personal favourites. Sadly guided group tours are not yet allowed because of Covid restrictions. We hope that this will change very soon.



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