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Cambridge is one of Britain's most historic, vibrant and picturesque cities. It is home to one of the world's leading universities and has one of the finest collections of  buildings in Britain. The 31 Cambridge colleges alone offer a range of architectural styles spanning 700 hundred years.  
If you want to get the most out of a visit to Cambridge, a guided walking tour with an officially qualified Cambridge guide is a good way to do it.  We can tailor a tour to suit your specific needs, or you can choose from our range of standard tours.  If you are unsure of your way around Cambridge, we can meet you at your hotel or at Cambridge rail station.
A one hour tour would help you to get the feel of Cambridge and see many of its most famous buildings. These include the world-famous King's College Chapel, Queens' College, Trinity College, St John's college, St Bene't's Saxon church, the historic Eagle pub and the Old Cavendish Laboratory (where JJ Thompson discovered the neutron and Crick and Watson determined the structure of DNA).
A two hour tour would allow time to enter two of the historic colleges, such as King's, Queens', Trinity or St. John's, plus see many of the other main sites of interest.    
In a city crammed with ancient buildings, it is not surprising that ghost stories abound. Walk the dark Cambridge streets and hear some spooky tales. You never know, you might start to believe....   
Cambridge is not short of good pubs, some of them dating back to mediaeval times. Join one of our guides on a walking tour of historic pubs and see something of the city at the same time.
Our guides are all fully qualified registered Cambridge tourist guides and have public liability insurance. They have each undertaken in-depth training and have passed a series of practical and written exams. Registered Cambridge guides also participate in a programme of continued professional development organised by the Society of Cambridge Tourist Guides. Every five years we are re-examined to ensure there has been no drop in standards.
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Clare College bridge, Cambridge UK
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